Getting Ready for Race Day: 2013 NYC Half Edition

Preparing for a half marathon takes months, but that last week before the race is your time to begin focusing on race day logistics. Here is how I tackled the week leading up to the NYC Half: 6 days to race day, Monday:  I “saved” one of the weekend’s scheduled 6 milers until Monday since I […]

Mini Morning Workouts: When Getting Up (Even) Earlier Just Isn’t An Option

Workouts – like anything important in life – are something you need to make time for. For me, mornings are the ideal time to work out.  Starting my day with a good sweat means that I will feel more energized and at ease throughout the day.  It also has the effect of leading to smarter, […]

Running From The Law: Strength and Tone

Yesterday I told a story that was remarkably easy for me to tell.  It was also remarkably sad to read. There are things about my situation that I simply cannot change — not right now, at least.  Financial commitments like student loans and rent keep me from simply quitting my job.  Then, there is also […]