The Weight of It All

Everyone has a go-to workout to match their bad mood.

Need to blow of steam?  Go for a run.

Need to chill out?  Yoga.

Need to feel strong?  Lift weights.

Feeling lonely?  Take a group fitness class.

Just want to zone out to 90’s house music while watching the Kardashians on mute?  Hit the elliptical.

But there are some bad moods that you just can’t work your way out of.

Sometimes they have a way of quite literally making you sick.

I try not to give myself more than two days to wallow, because then the downward spiral begins.

I simply will not allow myself to crash under the weight of it all.

Today was Day 3, so I got my butt out the door.

Running, crazy as it sounds, did not appeal to me.  It’s pouring rain here and I felt like being indoors for a change.

Yoga was a real consideration, but I didn’t want to practice in a group setting.

The whole zone-out-to-muted-Kardashians thing had a nice ring of appeal today, so I went the elliptical route.

Thirty five minutes later I was still feeling alive, so I did crunches and side crunches on a balance ball.

Still upright when that was done, I opted for a full upper body strength training session.  That actually felt really good.

So I stretched around for a few minutes and then decided to wash down my workout with a massive green beverage from Juice Generation.

It feels like I need to help nutrients fight their way in to my body right now.

But I’m okay.  Promise.

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