Physical Therapy: The Mental Component

I have been in physical therapy for my injuries for about six months now. We finally finished rehabbing a few weeks ago, and now we are focused on prevention.  What my therapist calls performance-based therapy has consisted of strength and explosive exercises.  The exercises are sport specific, and he observes my running pattern, as well. […]

Tips for Beginners

A couple of months ago, while perusing the NYCRUNS site, I found out about the Take Your Base 5K. The added features of a baseball game, barbecue and day at the beach seemed like just the right amount of enticement to get El Profesor to run the race.  I didn’t expect him to, and I […]

Running Away from the Standard in Pro Runner Sponsorships

Early last week, I alerted my husband to an intellectual property issue that arose within the track and field community. He writes a column on sports law for a pretty amazing publication, and for months I have been begging him to write about legal issues as they have come up in the running world.  He […]