This Coming Week in Training

I am not currently in training, specifically. However I am working towards healing my injury and building up my strength, speed and endurance. My focus on endurance training is a bit different from what it was before my injury.  My prior strategy was just to hang on for as long as possible. Now, I focus so much […]

Let’s Be Honest: Becoming a Lawyer Was a Cop-Out (and I Know It)

I am sitting at my desk researching summer course offerings at local colleges. It is likely the first step in the process to “going back to school”… or whatever that means.  I am not sure yet. What I do know is that if I actually take the leap, I will not squander the opportunity as […]

Happy New Year!

Hi Everyone! (by “everyone” I mean my mother-in-law and my running buddy — UPDATED:  and El Profesor) I hope that you all had a fun night last night and rang in the new year with enthusiasm! I rang it in with a glass of wine and a relaxed fun night out with El Profesor. I […]

2013 Goals

Goals. They may change over time, but setting them always has a magical way of providing much needed direction — especially at times in life when you’re otherwise lost. Knowing that I am writing this in the shadow of this post, I want to say at the outset that 2012 has otherwise been a wonderful year, […]