Role Models

There are several women at my pool who are truly exceptional swimmers. Their strokes seems effortless. They glide across the pool unimaginably fast. They flip-turn. They arrive with their own apparatus, like pull buoys, swim paddles and resistance gloves. They have clearly been swimming since high school, or even middle school, swim team. And I […]

This Coming Week in Training

I am not currently in training, specifically. However I am working towards healing my injury and building up my strength, speed and endurance. My focus on endurance training is a bit different from what it was before my injury.  My prior strategy was just to hang on for as long as possible. Now, I focus so much […]

New Favorites: TYR

A new sport means new gear. Having fallen in and out of love with running over the past sixteen years (we’re going steady now, though), there have been more than a couple of occasions when I have had to restock my supply of gear.  This has typically meant spending upwards of $100 on new shoes, […]