New Favorites: TYR

A new sport means new gear.

Having fallen in and out of love with running over the past sixteen years (we’re going steady now, though), there have been more than a couple of occasions when I have had to restock my supply of gear.  This has typically meant spending upwards of $100 on new shoes, and around $50 for tops and $100 for bottoms.

When there is a need, there is no time for bargain shopping.

When I am in a more consistent routine, on the other hand, I shop gradually — always looking for the best price.  Costco and Marshall’s are some of the low-budget shops where I have procured most of my gear in recent years.

I also have a neighborhood Modell’s that I use for fill-in items…like an impulse-buy Nike swimsuit that I bought at the end of last season.

It got me through my first month in the pool.  But when I realized that daily swims were becoming less rehab and more habit, I knew that I needed to get another suit into the rotation.

This one from TYR caught my eye:  The Zion.

I guess that I am just not the sort of girl who can say no to the image of a hot pink lion roaring across her swimsuit.

Maybe it was that the image somehow evoked Ke$ha for me.  Or maybe it was just too badass to turn down.

Either way, I knew I needed it right away.  I found it for a lower price on SwimOutlet and put my credit card to good use.

The $5 contribution that TYR makes to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation with proceeds from sales of the pink Zion is an added bonus.  It will make you feel like you are doing something good.  I mean it.

I had some hesitation at first.  I was less familiar with the brand.  Though they make some running gear, TYR wasn’t really on my radar.

In my earlier swimming days, I wore Speedo.  But maybe that is all that there was in the ’80s and ’90s.  We’ve come a long way.

I also was confused about the sizing.  No simple S, M, L or dress size sizing?

The trick with TYR is to order by bra size.

[Do not order by dress size.  Your suit will be super tiny.  Do not get confused by the size chart.  Do not allow vanity to take over.]

For me, this means that the waist and hip measurements provided in the size chart corresponding with my bra size are a bit bigger than my actual measurements and what I would typically shop for.  However, swimsuits are meant to fit snugly, so I don’t exactly feel an excess of space in those areas.  And I do feel that I have the room that I need in the chest.

Another thing that I was hesitant about was that the suit does not have a built-in bra.  This was a first for me and I was confused and also concerned about, you know, the flatness.  But it’s really a non-issue.  The absence of a bra actually makes the suit stay in place better.  I never have to fidget with shifting padding or adjust anything.  It is actually much more comfortable than my suits that do have built-in bras.

The verdict: I love TYR.  My next suit will be TYR.  Swimming is better in TYR.

Great Style + Great Fit = New Favorite

Swim on and on…


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