2012 By The Numbers

Number of 2012 goals that I set for myself in 2011:  2 (find a new job; run a half marathon)

Number accomplished:  1 (guess which?) x 2 (NYC Half, More Women’s Half)

Number of races registered for:  11

Number of races I actually ran:  9 (I missed two:  one because I was sick; one because it was rescheduled)

Number of times El Profesor woke up early and came out to cheer for me:  1

How long he hugged me in the finisher’s area after the NYC Half:  8 minutes (my mom waited impatiently)

Number of races where I ran at an average pace below 9:00/mile:  3

Number of races where I ran at an average pace below 8:00/mile:  1 (5th Avenue Mile, 7:46)

Approximate total number of miles ran in 2012:  1,000+

Total number of miles raced:  62.9

Total number of running streaks attempted:  3

Total number of running streaks completed:  2 (I had planned to run every day in September, but got sick on the 11th)

Longest streak of consecutive days of running:  39 (Runner’s World 2012 Holiday Running Streak – technically it was a 40 day running streak, but I threw out my back on day 39, so I’m counting it anyway, dammit.)

Age I turned this year:  31

Anniversary I celebrated this year:  2nd

Number of cities visited (including the one where I live):  4

Number of books I loved reading:  2 (Julie Otsuka’s The Buddha in the Attic; Junot Diaz’s This is How You Lose Her) that’s a record low for me

Number of books I didn’t even bother to finish:  4 (that’s a record high for me)

Number of books I read about running:  1 (Scott Jurek’s Eat & Run)

Number of jobs applied to:  a million.  sigh.

Number of positions interviewed for:  4

Most interviews for a single position:  5

Offers received:  0

Total amount of raises and bonuses received in 2012:  $0 (unless you count that $25 gift card to Barnes & Noble that I got from the guy that rents office space from my firm – really sweet, actually)

Years since I last received a raise or bonus (or a review!):  4

Number of green smoothies consumed:  200+

Number of times the sound of the blender annoyed El Profesor:  100+ (I try to use it when he is in the shower or not at home)

Number of times I’ve gotten Supa Dupa Greens from Juice Generation:  14

Number of times I’ve tweeted about it:  10 (What can I say?  Veggies inspire me.)

Number of tweets:  250 (as of 11:00 AM)

Number of blog posts:  41 (including this one)

Number of goals I’ve set for myself for 2013:  see this post.

Happy New Year!

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