The Games We Play

How do you keep yourself motivated during a workout?

This post is not about motivating yourself to work out.  This is about keeping yourself focused during your workout.

Here are three of the games that I have been playing to stay focused during training sessions:

1. Twitter + Plank

Plank is one of those core exercises that I just can’t seem to get in to.

I love core workouts and especially enjoy taking Pilates classes.  But sometimes it is hard to keep myself up in plank for as long as I know I am capable.

My new game?  I put my smartphone under my face as I push up in to plank and load my Twitter feed.  I force myself to hold plank for as long as it takes to catch up on all of my tweets.  This usually rounds out to 2-3 minutes, sometimes even as long as 5.  Ordinarily I would drop down after about 90 seconds, so this is a great way to force myself into a much tougher core workout.

2.  The Countdown

When I find myself zoning out too much during a run, and maybe slowing down quite a bit, I play a game with myself.

This game is an old one but a good one.  I run as fast as I can for as long as it takes to count backwards from 100.

Often, once I get started I’ll lose count because I will become more focused on my workout.

Moving faster, even for a short bit of time, re-engages me and refocuses me on my run.

3.  The Faux Race

Yes.  We all do it.

I like to think that I don’t do it all of the time.

And I will also admit to being annoyed when someone does it to me.

But sometimes seeing someone else speed past you or catch up to you is a wake-up call.

You do a quick assessment:  they’re older, fatter, less experienced… whatever you need to tell yourself in order to be reminded that you can and will move faster than them.

So you pick up the pace.

You cut them off.

And you keep on going.

Run On™

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