Race Recap: Ted Corbitt Classic

On Saturday, I ran the Ted Corbitt Classic, a 15K in Central Park. Although I do much of my training in Central Park, the route of this race is different from my usual training route.  In the weeks leading up to the race, I ran several of my training runs on portions of the course; […]

Mini Morning Workouts: When Getting Up (Even) Earlier Just Isn’t An Option

Workouts – like anything important in life – are something you need to make time for. For me, mornings are the ideal time to work out.  Starting my day with a good sweat means that I will feel more energized and at ease throughout the day.  It also has the effect of leading to smarter, […]

Race Recap: Join The Voices

This morning, I ran in Join the Voices, a five-mile race in Central Park benefiting Voices Against Brain Cancer. New York Road Runners organizes a number of races throughout the year in collaboration with charitable organizations.  Heartfelt speeches are often given at the start.  But the ones that really get to me are the ones […]

2013 Goals

Goals. They may change over time, but setting them always has a magical way of providing much needed direction — especially at times in life when you’re otherwise lost. Knowing that I am writing this in the shadow of this post, I want to say at the outset that 2012 has otherwise been a wonderful year, […]

Running From The Law: Strength and Tone

Yesterday I told a story that was remarkably easy for me to tell.  It was also remarkably sad to read. There are things about my situation that I simply cannot change — not right now, at least.  Financial commitments like student loans and rent keep me from simply quitting my job.  Then, there is also […]