One Thing

Before it even began, yesterday promised to be a crazy day.

Due to a family matter, my husband and I would be spending the day on Long Island with family and friends at a house that was dark and cold without heat or power as a result of this week’s Nor’easter.

Knowing that we were planning on catching an early train, I set my alarm for a very early hour to do one thing for myself first.  I needed the time to clear my head, move my body, and do something to make myself feel healthy and energized before facing the pressure of the day. 

It was 35 degrees out and dark, so I layered a tank top under a long sleeve hooded top and topped it off with a lightweight down vest.  I tied my hair back and pulled a fleece headband on to cover my ears and forehead.  I wore crops though, because I knew my legs would be working hard and didn’t need too much insolation.

I usually do hill repeats on Thursday, but the roads were pretty icy on Thursday morning, so I hit the gym instead and saved this awesome run for yesterday morning, knowing that a challenging workout would keep me feeling strong all day.  If the day was going to be an uphill battle, so too should be my morning run. 

Central Park was still closed, so I ran a 3/4 mile warm-up on the streets and then headed to a very steep crosstown block near my apartment and ran a series of five hill repeats.  Then I ran another 3/4 mile or so cool down on my way home.  At home, I stretched and did a quick sit-ups/ab routine before taking a soothing shower.

Throughout my run, I felt so strong.  Passersby kept saying “she’s in the zone,” and I was.  At the bottom of each repeat, I focused only on the top of the hill and pushed my body toward it as fast as I could.  At the top, I couldn’t wait to get back down so I could do it all again.  By my cool down, I was in a state of catharsis.  I felt like I could rule the world.

After my run, I refueled with my favorite smoothie of the moment:  3/4 cup almond milk, vanilla protein powder, two handfulls baby spinach, and 1/3 cup frozen peaches.

I managed to stay cool, calm and collected all day yesterday. 

Do one thing for yourself in the morning and the whole day is easier.

Run Strong.

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