Let’s Be Honest: Becoming a Lawyer Was a Cop-Out (and I Know It)

I am sitting at my desk researching summer course offerings at local colleges. It is likely the first step in the process to “going back to school”… or whatever that means.  I am not sure yet. What I do know is that if I actually take the leap, I will not squander the opportunity as […]

New Favorites: TYR

A new sport means new gear. Having fallen in and out of love with running over the past sixteen years (we’re going steady now, though), there have been more than a couple of occasions when I have had to restock my supply of gear.  This has typically meant spending upwards of $100 on new shoes, […]

The Big Dilemma of the Big Salad

Courtesy of a mid-nineties episode of Seinfeld, the “big salad” or large New York-style diner salad entered the mainstream. It’s the perfect lunch option for the health-conscious…or is it? The answer is, it depends. The bigger the salad, the more add-ins it likely contains.  Each add-in ingredient brings its own nutritional value and adds to […]