Two Ingredient Recipe: Cranberry Applesauce

I love the tartness of fresh cranberries. I also love the comfort of a warm, homemade applesauce.  Cranberries elevate this recipe from lunch box staple to sophisticated seasonal treat. This two ingredient recipe is as simple as they come, and your home will smell amazing while the flavors come together over the fire. The color […]

Mini Morning Workouts: When Getting Up (Even) Earlier Just Isn’t An Option

Workouts – like anything important in life – are something you need to make time for. For me, mornings are the ideal time to work out.  Starting my day with a good sweat means that I will feel more energized and at ease throughout the day.  It also has the effect of leading to smarter, […]

Eight Crazy Nights: What To Get For The Runner In Your Life

Chanukah starts on Sunday.  Are you still wondering what to get the runner in your life? Here are eight recommendations; one for each night.  And with all but one item under $30, they are affordable enough that you could buy them all.  You know, if you’re baller. 1.  Running Jacket – It is a necessity […]

Race Recap: Join The Voices

This morning, I ran in Join the Voices, a five-mile race in Central Park benefiting Voices Against Brain Cancer. New York Road Runners organizes a number of races throughout the year in collaboration with charitable organizations.  Heartfelt speeches are often given at the start.  But the ones that really get to me are the ones […]

Running From The Law

Rachel On and On is the place where I write on and on about a number of different topics; namely:  running, healthy living, culture, city living and law practice.  While the first four easily go together, the law practice articles seem to have their own place.  But for me, these topics are united.  They are […]