Eight Crazy Nights: What To Get For The Runner In Your Life

Chanukah starts on Sunday.  Are you still wondering what to get the runner in your life?

Here are eight recommendations; one for each night.  And with all but one item under $30, they are affordable enough that you could buy them all.  You know, if you’re baller.

1.  Running Jacket – It is a necessity this time of year.  I like to choose lightweight options that layer well so that they can be worn on the coldest and mildest days of winter.  Pretty colors make them more exciting to put on before heading out on gray mornings.  I like the Champion Women’s Pro Tech Jacket. It is available at Modell’s for $19.99

2.  Foam Roller – I love a hurts-so-good session on the foam roller, to knead in and massage tight and sore muscles.  Every runner needs one. This silver one by OPTP is festive and would make a great holiday gift. Plus, it’s available on Amazon for only $27.21

3.  Yoga Mat – I love how weekly or bi-weekly yoga classes help me become a better runner.  The focus on balance, strength and flexibility is what brings me back to the mat, again and again.  My Wai Lana yoga mat has held up very well, so that is a brand that I would recommend.  I have found them at Marshall’s for under $15 in the past, but Amazon has some beautiful color and pattern options for under $25

4.  Hat and Gloves (high end) – Last year, I asked my mom for Brisk Run Gloves and the Brisk Run Toque from Lululemon. They offer lightweight protection from the cold and breathability, and also have reflective details which are ideal for running in low light.  I also love the tech-friendly details on the gloves and the pony-tail hole on the hat.  Lulu thinks of everything!  I absolutely love these and would certainly recommend them.  This year, Lululemon has enhanced their color and pattern options. I have them in black. They are $28 each in stores and online.

5.  Hat and Gloves (low end) – While I love my Lululemon accessories, like all running gear, they need to be washed and air dried after one or two wears.  Given how often I run outdoors (4+ days/week), I need to have more in my stash.  The Lulu versions are just pricey enough that I can’t validate having two sets.  Enter Old Navy Performance Fleece.  These have no fancy details, they are definitely heavier and do not breathe as well as the Lululemon hat and gloves, but on colder days, these are the way to go.  They are also cheap!!!  The prices seem to change by the day with holiday specials, but you should be able to score them for about $5 a pop.  I have two sets of each. (Currently sold out online. Check stores for availability.)

6.  Run Tights – This is the big ticket item on the list.  Most come in black or gray, but these Zella Live-In Leggings from Nordstrom come in bright colors that will make your runner more visible to traffic, and help her stand out in the crowd during winter races.  They reverse to the basic black or gray, and can be worn with the brushed side inward to stay warmer on cooler days.  They offer light compression, and are also great for yoga and lounging around.  At $64, they are priced comparably with other running tights on the market.

7.  Power Bar Gels – There are other gels out there, but thus far, Power Bar is the only one that has not caused any GI distress for me.  I love that some flavors are caffeinated; perfect for when I need that extra jolt!  Gels aren’t cheap and a serious runner needs to keep stock.  A huge box makes an excellent gift.  I recommend the chocolate.  Packages of 24 are on sale at GNC.com for $20.90

8. Seamless Toe Socks – My mother used to always buy me socks at Chanukah.  She usually got me warm and fuzzy socks in bright colors and patters.  But this year I need some new running socks, and I have my eyes on the seamless varieties.  Lately I have found that I get irritated by the friction caused by my sock seams rubbing against my toes.  I like to run in a thinner sock, so the All Sport Lite socks from Sof Sole meet my needs. They come in a variety of colors and patterns, but these tie-dye ones are super fun. $7.99 for 6 pairs

If you’re looking to treat a male runner in your life, there are men’s counterparts to all of these items, but having not tried them, I cannot offer endorsements.

This is not a sponsored post.

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