Valentine’s Day Gifts for Runners

I love Valentine’s Day.

Even in years when I was unattached, and when I felt the need to hide my appreciation for this kooky holiday, I loved it.

I loved the heart shaped chocolates and pink and red everything, the flowers, lingerie and the hearts…always the hearts.

They were my favorite when I was little and my mom would always spoil me rotten on Valentine’s Day – the time of the year when you could find headbands, pony tail holders, socks, t-shirts, jewelry and just about anything else covered in hearts.

This list of Valentine’s Day gifts is decidedly more grown-up, and fine tuned to treat and delight the runner in your life.

But I do still love me some hearts.

Here goes:

Under $10 – These Emi Jay Hair Ties are whimsically Valentine-themed and are perfect for holding hair back during runs.

Red (hooded or not) Sweatshirt – Just typing that makes me think of Adam Sandler singing Red Hooded Sweatshirt on SNL back in the day.  I’ve found three great options on  This first one from Marc by Marc Jacobs isn’t hooded and it’s far more fashion-forward than other sweatshirts, so it could certainly be dressed up or down.

This super-sleek merino wool version is perfect for guys.  Merino wool makes for a lightweight, breathable base layer during wintery outdoor workouts, but it could easily be paired with jeans for a sporty-casual look.  I’m even thinking of buying one for El Profesor.

And this third one is hooded, and bears a Valentine-friendly logo: L’Amour.  What’s not to love?

Bright Run Crops – The full length version of these Zella leggings made their way in to my holiday shopping list, but I’m loving these bright pink crops for when the weather warms up – which our friend the groundhog informs will happen quite soon.

Lip Smoothing/Soothing Cosmetics – Blustery cold runs can be rough on your lips, but Valentine’s Day is all about getting closer, so treat yourself or the runner in your life to this Fabulips Treatment Kit from Bliss.  It’s sure to buff and polish your kisser back to a kissable state.

Jewelry – I’m loving Erica Sara Designs right now.  I’ve seen her jewelry at race expos and pics of new styles on Twitter.  I haven’t treated myself yet, but I plan to score some Race Bling after finishing my first 26.2.  That category is perfect for the runner in your life, but I’m also loving the Love Notes collection for Valentine’s Day gifts.

Massage – You could always treat your runner to a massage at a local spa, but why not heat things up by offering the massage yourself?  Stock up on sweet smelling massage oils and candles. For the frisky runner: top the bed with rose petals for an extra romantic touch.

Valentine’s Day Races – The most romantic thing you can do on Valentine’s Day is to simply be with the run(ner) you love.  Check out this link to find a local Valentine’s Day race that you can run together.

Happy Valentine’s Day !

Run On™

This is not a sponsored post.

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