Treat Yo Self

I wrote a very exciting post on piriformis syndrome earlier in the week.

I will post it sometime…when I am no longer dealing with muscle spasms have officially got it under control.

It also seemed like heavy reading for a Friday night, and at the moment I’m all about keeping things light.

After spending the day working from home and taking breaks to foam roll, do physical therapy exercises and sit on an ice pack, I was a little bit tense.

I just want to be all better!

A very sweet reader commented on my most recent smoothie recipe post that “this too shall pass.”  And I am so grateful for that. 

So tonight, on this very cold night in New York City, I walked two blocks in flip flops — and treated myself for a pedicure.

It was arguably a necessity.  El Profesor and I are going away for the weekend and I plan to wear sandals when we go out at night.  I hadn’t had a pedicure since I rewarded myself with one post-race at the beginning of December.  It was time.

I’ve lived in this body for more than thirty-one years.  I know myself.  I know that when I am stressed, I carry my stress in my lower back.  So being stressed about not being able to run right now — and blow off steam and find clarity the best way I know how — is actually perpetuating my discomfort…actually prolonging the very problem that had me stressed to begin with.

So I need to let go.

I need to heal.

I need to do something nice for myself.  Something that will help me let go.

So I heeded the words of Tom Haverford, and decided to treat yo self myself.

It felt good.  I feel good.

I’m more relaxed than I’ve been all week.

And tomorrow morning, I leave for a very fun weekend away with El Profesor : )

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