A Meal of Basics

Sometimes, when I am not feeling well, the simplest foods are the ones that I find most satisfying.

I have a few go-to side dishes that I assemble in to a complete meal.  These items can be served at room temperature, so if I am more in the mood to graze, rather than consume a full meal in one sitting, I can go back and forth to the table as I wish.

The potato is always a key item.  I will either make mashed potatoes (with Earth Balance, almond milk, salt and pepper), plain baked potatoes, or oven fries (cut potatoes into wedges, toss with olive oil and roast at 400 degrees until desired crispness is achieved).  Potatoes are filling and have a pleasant texture, no matter how they are prepared.

I like to add a simple vegetable to my plate; something bright, but also easy to digest.  Carrots and green beans are my favorites.  They are highly versatile, but still delicious when boiled or steamed.  When I am not feeling well, I like to keep things plain, so these are excellent choices.

Combine with a basic protein source.  Beans are high in fiber and can be rough on sensitive stomachs, so I tend to grab a handful of nuts instead.  Roasted, unsalted almonds are my go-to nut in these instances.

If you eat eggs, one or two hard-boiled organic, cage free, eggs would really round out this meal quite well.  They are very easy on sensitive tummies and can be served plain or simply with a little salt an pepper.

This meal of basics is simplicity at its best.

You’ll feel better soon.


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