Rachel On and On Lately: Part III

Tired of hearing crickets on my blog?

I thought it was time for a new post.

I switched jobs for the second time this year, right after finishing the New York City Marathon.

An early AM start to my workday has led me to shift around my fitness routine…and maybe almost every other routine that I have in life.

I had a bit of downtime on the job last week so I wrote three posts on my break.  Note that I say “wrote” and not “typed.”  That’s happening today, so you will see new content on RachelOnandOn on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Coming up:  a trip to the Philharmonic, injury-inducing late-fall trail runs and a (spoiler alert!) piriformis syndrome induced running hiatus.  Oh, and maybe an expose’ on people who run marathons for all of the wrong reasons.

Stay tuned.

Run On™


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