I Need a Break

I need a break
from the fast lane,
the rat race,
the restless nights,
the long days.

I need a break
from running,
from doing,
from tossing,
from turning.

I need a break
from haves and have nots
and what’s just plain sad
like the good news
that’s only there to balance the bad.

I need a break
from creeping,
from crawling,
from sinking,
from falling.

I need a break
from creaking and rattles,
from choosing my battles;
when I’d rather choose none
than all or just some.

I need a break
from squeezing things in
and being squeezed out;
from chasing the darkness
and fighting about.

I need a break
from forcing myself to be grateful
for things that scarcely fulfill,
when I know that earning a living
and actually living don’t need to be two separate things.

I need a break.

So I will shake out my body,
my fingers and toes
and chase joy in the
face of the rising sun
in the path that runs along
the water
separating me from my past

Run On™

I wrote this poem on a bad day. Don’t read too much into it. Or do.

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