On the Road

It has been far too long since my last post.

The last two weeks have been a whirlwind.  Mostly good things.

I have been on the road.

El Profesor and I were down in Central Florida, moving out of our apartment and saying goodbyes.  Now we are back in New York and slowly but surely settling in to our new space.

I have also started a new job.  I’m sure I will share more about that later.

Being on the road, or in any state of transition, always seems to make it harder to stay on top of fitness goals.

Sometimes making sure that you don’t fall backwards or out of a consistent routine is paramount to pushing toward a specific goal.

I am still training for a 10K in early June.  I am still not sharing my goal.

But with the business of our travels and move, and the challenge of a substantial climate change, keeping up my regularly scheduled workouts posed a challenge.

The first week that we were in Florida, I maintained my usual schedule of four runs in a week.  I ran three five-mile runs and one 7.25 mile run, and followed each workout with a mini-strength training series.  I also took one hot yoga class to keep things loose (but I wish I had time for more!).

It was steamy out, so working in speed training felt beyond hard.  I added simple challenges to keep myself from feeling overwhelmed, but still worked towards advancing my fitness.

On one run, I ran .4 mile intervals on a dirt and rock path alongside a lake.

On another run, I ran six 100 meter sprints up a long driveway before running a cool-down mile on the way home.

I ran another run as a simple progression run — running each mile faster than the one before.

On our second week away, keeping a routine was even more difficult.  For the second week, we were mostly on the road – driving up north.

I only managed one run last week, before our return to New York.  Fortunately, it was one of the best runs ever.

I ran five miles in the sand on South Beach.  I was sweating, sure, but this felt easy.  I expected to be completely worn out after this run, but instead I felt strong.

After that, my workouts consisted of 15-20 minutes of barre exercises over the sink in motel rooms.  Hey, it’s gotta happen somehow.

But then pure bliss happened.

On Sunday, I ran 10 miles on my home turf in Central Park.

It was pouring out, but I hardly noticed.

I returned home elated and soaked.

This is what running is all about.

Run On™

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