A Day In The Life: 12.12.12

I would like to say that so many readers have asked me what a typical day is like for me, and how I juggle my days as a runner, writer, and lawyer.

That’s not the case.

In fact, no one has asked.

Given that, this post is probably more for me than it is for you.  I would like to be able to look back from time to time and see what a typical day was like for me at some point in the recent past so that I can compare, seek guidance, and hopefully see how far I’ve come.

Here is what I did on Wednesday 12.12.12

7:00 AM

Woke Up
Checked twitter on my phone
Weighed myself
Washed face, moisturized, medicated
Dressed myself in winter run gear
Ate a Larabar
Drank a glass of water

7:30 AM

Dropped off laundry at wash-and-fold

7:35 AM

Walked toward Central Park
Ran a five-mile tempo run
Completed a series of squats, lunges and dips off a bench near the reservoir
Walked home

9:00 AM

Arrived home
Said good morning to El Profesor, already hard at work in his PJs
Made a Fruit Cobbler Smoothie (1 cup almond milk, 1 scoop vanilla protein powder, 1 dash of cinnamon, two handfuls baby spinach, 1/2 cup mixed frozen fruit – I used cherries and peaches)
Tweeted my run
Stretched some more and bounced around a bit while drinking smoothie

9:20 AM

Blow dried
Applied makeup (minimally:  BB cream, blush stick, mascara and gloss)
Dressed for work
Packed lunch
Kissed El Profesor

9:55 AM

Out the door

10:05 AM

On the subway

10:20 AM

At my desk
Ate Fage with sliced banana and granola bar
Drafted estate documents
Somewhere in there I took a break to warm up and eat a lunch of steamed carrots over brown rice with tahini sauce

2:45 PM

El Profesor was in the neighborhood so I met him in my office lobby and we took a walk around the block
Ultimately, we ended up at Financier where we each ordered a raspberry macaron; he drank a hot chocolate, I had a coffee

3:30 PM

Back at my desk
Drafted and negotiated electronic publishing license

6:00 PM

Left work

6:10 PM

Listened to subway performer sing “Stand by Me” on the subway platform

6:20 PM

Arrived at Gristede’s
Stood outside tweeting about subway performer
Purchased frozen fruit and spinach for smoothies and fish for El Profesor’s dinner

6:40 PM

Dropped off groceries at home

6:45 PM

Picked up laundry from wash-and-fold

6:50 PM

Quality time and dinner with El Profesor
Lit the menorah (late)
I ate oatmeal with my new obsession:  PB2

8:00 PM

El Profesor left for the gym, so I washed a load of my delicates run gear
Blogged and tweeted

8:30 PM

Retrieved clean run gear and hung it up to dry

8:40 PM

Ate a bowl of corn flakes with almond milk
Washed dishes


Messed around online, checked email, read a few blogs
Washed face, moisturized

9:15 PM

Read December issue of Health Magazine in bed

10:15 PM

Relaxed with El Profesor

11:15 PM

Sore throat and coughing fit kept me from sleep

11:50 PM


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