Today Was a Good Day

This morning, I woke up ten minutes before my alarm clock. 

I layered, warmed up, and headed to Central Park for a six mile run with ten one-minute aerobic intervals.

I returned home and got ready for work.  Work was pretty mellow today, so I took a bit of a longer lunch so that I could vote.  Polling lines in the city were quite long due to the number of displaced voters voting at sites other than their assigned polling places.

I walked home from work, changed and headed to a Pilates class at my gym.  I hung around for a while after class and foam rolled.

I returned home at 8:30, and for the first time in a while, I feel like I had a perfectly healthy day.  I feel energized and relaxed all at the same time.

Other than the double workouts (something which I do two-to-three times per week), both of which went very well, the other change today was in my diet.  I am typically a “three square meals” sort of girl, but the format of my day led me to split each meal in two.

Breakfast.  Knowing I was heading out for a challenging run, I had a Larabar before I left the house.  When I returned, I made a smoothie to aid in recovery (almond milk, spinach, mixed frozen berries, protein powder).

Lunch.  Fage with sliced banana before heading to the polls.  Starbucks oatmeal with the works at my desk around 3:00.

Dinner.  Wedge of leftover Kabocha squash alongside a slice of millet toast topped with crunchy peanut butter before Pilates.  Post-workout cravings were curbed with another slice of millet bread with Earth Balance and a glass of apple cider.

While eating throughout the day isn’t something that I normally do – or want to – it may have played a role in maintaining my energy levels in to the evening.  This is certainly something that I will experiment with a bit more.

On a typical day, I eat healthfully and exercise, but for some reason, my days often end with me having scarcely enough energy to wash my face and crawl in to bed.  I am unsure whether it has to do with stress levels at the office, or inadequate sleep the night before.  But today was a treat.

Today I felt great.

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