Spring Wardrobe Updates

The inevitable side-effect to turning over one’s closet seasonally is that sudden awareness of what’s missing.

Nevertheless, it is also an opportunity to reunite with old favorites, and revisit pieces that may not have gotten their proper attention in the past.

The opportunities for pairing, for mixing and matching, abound.

It has been a while since I have written a fashion-oriented post here at RachelOnandOn.

As my husband once said to me, “for someone who claims to have been obsessed with fashion when they were younger, you seem to not give a crap now.”

But I do give a crap.  I really, truly do.

I just sometimes feel like the fashion world has left us athletically-built girls behind.  Workout gear fits great, but everything else pulls here and yanks there.

It has taken a while for me to figure out which brands and styles actually work for me.  And I’m not even sure I’ve got it right yet.

This list isn’t exactly ripped from the fashion headlines, and may not even be loosely inspired by this season’s trends, but here are some of the things in my wardrobe (and cosmetics case) that I am most excited about wearing this spring:

1.  Straw Fedora

I am definitively what you might call a “hat person.”  I don’t know if I was blessed with the right shape head, or if it just suits my taste, but I rarely come across a hat that I don’t love.  I bought this one a few months ago, and it’s been tucked away for use until this spring.  I can’t wait to pair it with some of the items that you see below, as well as denim skirts and tees and light strappy sundresses.

2. Boyfriend Jeans

Last week, I tweeted that I was suddenly “over” skinny jeans.

Skinny jeans have their purpose, and that purpose is to be tucked in to an awesome pair of boots.  But as boot season wraps to a close, I find less and less of a use for these things.  They barely qualify as pants.

Some styles, like “boot cut” and “wide leg” feel a little retro to me, but the “boyfriend” cut?  Now there’s one I could fall for.

Loft has a great style, and if you go that route I would recommend sizing down.  I haven’t yet found other designers that work well (I haven’t really tried) but I am about to embark on a crusade.  Because as all women know:  when you find something that works, grab two.

3. Age Appropriate Crop Top

I haven’t seen them in magazines yet (they wouldn’t make their way to Runner’s World anyway, I suppose), but crop tops are cropping up in every store window this spring.  El Profesor was all but insistent that I get in on the trend, but in all honesty, I had to wonder:  am I too old for this?  And the thing is, I am not sure.  So I searched for one that showed just a little hint of skin, one that would pair well with A-line skirts rather than short-shorts, and this is the one that I settled on.  Thirty-two or not, I just don’t think you can go wrong with the basic black, crossover style.

4. Marine-Inspired Eyeliner

Okay, this is one that I actually think is a trend.  I’ve been loving the look of teal or aqua-colored eyeliner on just the bottom lid that I have been seeing in magazines.  I think it is such a bright spring look and that it will transition phenomenally in to summer.  I didn’t want to invest too much in to it, so I settled on buying a drugstore brand.  I couldn’t find a pencil liner, but found a Loreal shadow that I think will work well if applied with a fine-tipped brush.  I bought this one at CVS, and the price was negligible since I paid for it with Extra Bucks and received some more in exchange for my purchase (SCORE!).  I will pair it with a creamy ivory on the top lid for contrast, and a good coating of mascara.

5. Maxidress

Oh, how I love this look!  It is so lengthening, so breezy, so sleek.  I often worry that I will look like I am wearing a nightgown, but the maxi just might be my most pulled-together look for spring and summer.  This season, I have my eyes on cool blue patterns.  And I will be wearing them with my straw fedora : )

Which trends or styles excite and inspire you this spring?

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