Transitioning to Spring

Ordinarily, my transition to spring running is rather seamless.

After training through the winter, I gradually begin to shed layers as the weather warms up.

Having spent much of this past winter indoors, nursing an injury, I never really did acclimate to the cold.  I never had to.

So my transition to spring has been a bit more challenging this year.

I never did have the chance to get used to bundling up for 10 degree runs, so now 40 degrees feels cold.  In fact, on days when temperatures have been lower, I have opted to keep my runs indoors.  Ordinarily, I would make fun of someone who chooses a treadmill over a sunny 35 degree day.  But I worry that being too cold will negatively impact my injury.  So I choose to stay indoors.

On days when I have gone out, I have dressed a bit warmer than my own guides advise.  Cozier feels better.  I want to keep my muscles warm.  I want to keep my bones warm.

New York has finally begun its thawing process.  After a particularly rough winter, it’s nice to see the forecast has a steady week of 50+ days ahead.

But 50 still doesn’t feel warm.  Last night, I layered a fleece jacket under a wool coat to meet a friend for dinner nearby.  And I was pretty chilly.

So I didn’t know what to expect for this week’s runs.  The standard rule for running, is to dress as if it is 20 degrees warmer than it actually is.  But I so vaguely recall what 75 degrees feels like.  Scorching, perhaps?  Or “jacket weather”?  I am no longer sure.

Today I headed out for a lunchtime run.  It was 55 degrees outside and sunny.  I thought I would feel cold, so I chose a long sleeve shirt and a pair of crops.

But there it was, as I stepped out to the door.  Warmth.

Today was the first day that I went outside and, before I even started running, thought I could have dressed a little lighter.

Welcome to spring.

It’s time to shed some layers.


Today’s run was an easy 3.5 miles on some of my favorite trails and dirt paths in Central Park.  I finished in 30:40 with an average pace of 8:42/mile.

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