Thirty in Thirty

I haven’t written in a while and I have to wonder why.

Writing here is such a fantastic outlet.

I don’t know why I suddenly decided to begin tapping away at my keyboard, but I have.

Perhaps it is because I don’t feel like being so guarded right now.

Or maybe because I am looking for something to invest some creative energy into.

Better yet, maybe it’s because I’ve started running again.

No matter the reason, it matters only that I am back.

Better still, I am back with a goal.

The goal is to post thirty times in thirty days.

The hope is that it will generate a renewed enthusiasm for writing, reinvigorate this space as a forum for exploring and pursuing new goals, and revive an opportunity to once again be a part of the larger community of athletes who write and share via social media.

What I have learned from the start of this year is that who knows what your life will look like thirty days from now.

I can’t be sure.

So much is in flux right now.

I want to share a piece of my journey.

So I invite you to stick around.

Together we shall see how it goes.

3 thoughts on “Thirty in Thirty

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