Summer Runner

Disclaimer:  There is a lot of Nike in this post, so I just want to say at the outset that this is NOT a sponsored post.  There are just some things that I think they do extremely well – far better than the competition – and I often find myself rocking the swoosh, particularly during summer runs.

I’m a summer runner; You’re a summer runner.  We should run each other’s summers…Run each others suuummmmerrrs!

Name that spoof.

I have thought long and hard about doing a warm weather what-to-wear guide as I had done for cooler temperatures, focusing on those 70+ days.

But as the current heat wave has brought morning temperatures as high as the low 90’s, I find that what runners should be wearing is as little as possible.  And that doesn’t seem to make for much of a post.

So my focus today is less on what clothing to wear, and more on what accessories and products will serve you well when training in high heat.


Last summer I treated myself to a Nike Featherlight Dri-Fit hat, and it has gotten quite a lot of mileage (similar here).  The brim offers protection from the sun, and the fabric allows heat and sweat to escape.  For about $20, you can find this item in most sporting goods stores.


I wear prescription glasses, and at some point I know that I will have to give in and buy prescription running sunglasses.  Oakley makes them and they come at a premium.

So for now, as I procrastinate, I am wearing Nike Skylon EXP RD2 sunglasses (similar here).

I bought them for about $70 at the Nike outlet, and have been in love ever since.  These sunglasses are fantastic.

The rubberized ear grips keep these sunglasses in place even during the sweatiest runs.

The slight gradation on the nose bridge offers ventilation and allows sweat to pass through rather than pool up.

Most importantly:  the polarized lenses offer necessary protection from the sun.

I have worn these for runs on the beach, trail runs and hikes in Colorado, and long runs of 10+ miles.  They never disappoint.

Handheld Water Bottle

There is some talk about how handheld water bottles are not ideal because they cause a weight imbalance.  I tend to switch off hands pretty regularly, so I haven’t found this to be a problem.

I see many people wearing waist pouches (which doesn’t appeal to me) and Camelbacks (which I am strongly considering), but I am thrilled with my Nike Lightweight Hand-Held Water Bottle, which I bought at Marshall’s for almost nothing.

It has a rubberized thumb grip, which keeps it from slipping and makes it easier to squeeze for gulps on the go.

I also love the hand strap that includes a zippered pocket. I usually toss my key in here and a $5 just in case I want to refill it with a Gatorade while I am out running.

The strap is adjustable and made of a breathable fabric, which makes this water bottle easy to hold even on the longest and sweatiest of runs.

Most importantly:  it offers on-the-go hydration in an eco-friendly fashion.

Waterproof Sport Sunblock

I will admit to being a Coppertone loyalist.  I love Sport and Ultra Guard, and always buy the spray bottle.  I find it covers evenly and doesn’t stain performance gear.  I wear 50 or 70 and reapply as often as practical.


It goes without saying that you should always run in tech fabrics that pull moisture away from your body.  But I find that the sweatier a run is going to be, the more what I am wearing should have that bathing suit-like feel.  It should be the sort of thing that you would expect to get soaking wet in — because you will.

As always:  be safe, be smart, and be prepared.  If the temperatures top 90 degrees, consider staying inside.  Always run your hot-weather runs in the coolest part of the day — early morning — hydrate appropriately, and…

Run On™


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