The Healthy Costco Shopping Cart

El Profesor and I took a trip uptown to Costco last week to stock up our new place.

Our need for toilet paper and paper towels coupled with our desire not to have to make weekly trips to CVS to buy them was the catalyst for our trip.  But I also viewed it as a “stock the pantry” party and decided to have a bit of fun bulk-buying the things we love and keep at home all of the time.

You can never be too sure what your local Costco will have in stock, so before we went over, I made a loose and flexible shopping list:

Drinks:  juice, milk, almond milk

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables:  an assortment

Pantry Items:  cereal, crackers, dried fruit

Paper Goods:  toilet paper, paper towels

Protein:  fish and chicken for El Profesor

Here is what we came away with:

Blue Diamond Almond Milk (Vanilla, Unsweetened)

Blueberries (conventional, they didn’t have organic)


Earthbound Farms Organic Carrots

Fresh Salmon (5 lbs for El Profesor)

Grape Tomatoes (conventional, from Canada)

Hannah Organic Classic Hommus Singles

Kirkland Reduced Fat Milk

Mary’s Gone Crackers

Naked Juice Smoothie (Mighty Mango)

Nike Sunglasses (because I love mine and El Profesor needed a pair for softball — they make him look like Coach Taylor)

Organic Mini Peppers

Raspberries (conventional, they didn’t have organic)

Rotisserie Chicken (for El Profesor)

Sunsweet Dried Apricots

Tropicana Orange Juice

Costco offers a number of other great healthy items, but we left these on the shelves this time:

Almond Butter

Gluten Free Pancake Mix

Greek Yogurt

Ground Flaxseeds

Ground Hempseeds

Organic Apple Slices

Organic Eggs

Organic Quinoa



When El Profesor and I left the store, we felt proud of our cart.  It was a moment for us to reflect upon all of the healthy choices we make.

And it made us feel really good.


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