If the Shoe Fits

I have an absurd loyalty to running shoes.

I exclusively wore Nike’s in my teens, Asics 21 series in my 20’s and then Asics Gel Pulse when I first got back in to running a couple of years ago.

Last year, when my last pair of Pulses wore thin and I decided that I didn’t like the new version, I went on a spree.  I must have bought and returned a half dozen pairs of running shoes before settling on the Saucony Guide 5.

The Guide 5 is the best shoe that I have ever run in.  I love the way it makes it easier to forefoot strike, how it’s lightweight and has a minimal drop.  I love the way it has a teensy bit of stability but still makes my stride feel perfectly natural.

I love this shoe so much that I have bought it three times.

I am running in my third pair and slowly wearing them out.

It is tempting to continue re-buying this shoe.

After all, it is still available online.

So what is keeping this shoe loyalist from whipping out her AmEx?

The only color left in my size is the same color as my last three pairs.  The color pattern was interesting on the first pair, familiar on the second and redundant on the third.  I can’t bring myself to buy a fourth pair in the same color because I just don’t think that I can even look at them anymore.

I’m ready for a change.  There are so many great shoes hitting the market this spring, some of which I think would work great for the way I run, and I want to give them a try.

I think that I am ready for something lighter-weight that will offer more flexibility. 

I have already bought the Virrata – which would satisfy all three of these points – but I’m iffy about them.  I ran around in them in the store, and I have to say that you really do feel the impact of every step.  I also worry that they will wear out quickly because the rubber sole seems a little light.  I am tempted to keep them to switch things up and occasionally run in a more minimal shoe.  If I do keep them, I will do a more formal review on Rachel On and On.

Do you have a favorite shoe brand or model?  Have you ever bought the same model running shoe multiple times?  Which new running shoes are you looking forward to testing out this spring?



2 thoughts on “If the Shoe Fits

  1. I love my Brooks Ravenna 2. I did not like the increased drop in the Ravenna 3 or 4 as much, so I have stuck with the 2. I need a stability shoe – much to my dismay – and these are perfect! I will be sad when they wear thin and I will have to replace them.

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