Liquid Lunch

This afternoon’s tweet was a prelude to a post:  “Currently in the process of consuming 16 ounces of #greenjuice . #liquidlunch”

Admittedly – for me – the phrase “liquid lunch” no longer has the same meaning as it once had.

When I was in law school, it was something that my Property professor joked about.  He would claim to be walking in to class straight off a three martini lunch.  And, incidentally, it was also something we did as students…before Thursday afternoon Property lectures.

I’m pretty sure that El Profesor, who now teaches Property, wouldn’t tolerate either.

But here’s the thing:  I once thought that my life would go by in a blaze of power player liquid lunches a la Mad Men while I made deals and broke hearts.

Not so.

And I like it better this way.

Lunch breaks are time for consuming nutrients, away from the hostility of my desk.

Sometimes I don’t want or need food to nourish me.

I find that from time to time, I skip lunch in favor of a veggie-based juice.  I find it cleansing.

The decision comes about in a few different ways.  On days when I feel under-the-weather, the thought of chewing anything entirely turns me off.  Some days I feel I’ve eaten poorly the night before and want to go light during lunch as a way of “hitting the reset button.”  Other times, I may be training for a race (as I am now) and morning speed workouts lead to big breakfasts and a smaller appetite at lunchtime.

Mostly, however, it is a way for me to consume vital nutrients from raw vegetables in an easy-to-digest and fun-to-consume kind of way.

It recharges, resets and energizes.  It tastes like liquid salad and feels like liquid yoga.  And as someone who enjoys both of those things in solid form, I think liquid consumption is more than acceptable!

Here are some of my favorite green juice spots in New York City:

Peacefood Cafe

Juice Generation

Candle Cafe

The Health Nuts

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