Sock It To Me

I just finished five loads of laundry.

Yes, that’s what happens when I spend time in our Florida apartment…the one most frequently inhabited by El Profesor, where I spend seven-to-ten days per month.  

El Profesor works hard and plays hard, but he doesn’t launder hard.  He saves that for me.

Sweet boy.

Anyway, as I found myself wading up to my elbows in scores of unmatched socks, I decided to call him away from his most recent article.  Usually when I want help with the laundry I lure him in with a game of “sock baseball”.  Where I pitch balled up socks to him and he hits them in to his drawer.  It’s a fun game and we’ve carried it over to other articles of clothing as well.

But this time I just wanted help.

After twenty minutes of combined effort, we had managed to pair 70% of the socks.  The unpaired dress socks we decided to dispose of, but the unpaired gym socks were a different story.

El Profesor wanted to keep those.

We decided to pair them with the closest match and he still plans to wear them to the gym.

That’s a fine choice for him, but I just don’t think I could do the same.

Even when I buy three-pair packs of Puma socks that all have the same color scheme but a different pattern; if they come back from the wash-and-fold mismatched, I have to correct the pairs before I can put them on.

Call it fashion sense or OCD or whatever else you want, but coordination is important to me…apparently even when I sweat.

What do you think:  are mismatched socks okay or do you prefer perfect pairs for your workouts?

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