Post-Race Guilty Pleasures

Sunday was a day of success, indulgence and a few not-so-guilty guilty pleasures.

I crossed the finish line of Race to Deliver in 35:10 on Sunday morning.

After taking an apple from one of the kind volunteers, I headed over to a quiet bench to stretch out.  After a few moments, a fellow runner asked me to take a picture of her on her iPhone. Then another runner asked the same.  And then I got out of there!  I was absolutely not interested in being a post-race photographer.  After all, I had just achieved an awesome goal and was eager to reward myself.

I jogged the mile and a half home from the finish line, thanking volunteers along the way, and arrived home at 9:30 AM to find my husband awake (a rare development for a Sunday morning). He asked how it went and I told him that I achieved my goal! We high-fived and then I promptly unrolled my yoga mat. I did a series of push-ups, dips and ab-work, followed by much more stretching.

I took a cool shower to help reduce any swelling and slipped in to a fresh pair of compression leggings and my race tee.

By this point, I was starving and completely depleted, so I finished the second half of the Larabar that I brought to the race and began adding ingredients to the blender.  I started with one cup of almond milk and added some vanilla Spiru-tein, two huge handfulls of baby spinach and a frozen banana.  Blended to perfection, I grabbed this bad boy and headed — you guessed it — right back to bed, where I curled up with the October issue of InStyle magazine (a hand-me-down from my mother-in-law).

After an hour or two of this shameless indulgence, I decided to get “dressed”, which means that I put on a nicer shirt and slipped on a pair of ballet flats.  El Profesor (aka, my husband) was off to the gym to elliptical his way through the Jets game, so I decided to treat myself to an afternoon at the Whitney Museum.  El Profesor is not really in to art, so I use his marathon elliptical sessions and full-day softball tournaments as a chance to catch up with Monet, Renoir and Vuillard.  But on the heels of a full-day art law conference on Friday, I was much more interested in the Americans.

On my way out of my apartment building, I bumped in to my neighbor who was sporting a retro New York City Marathon shirt, circa 2007.  He was heading out for a run, so I thought this was a good chance to chat him up about distance running and do some bragging about my race.  We talked for a few blocks and parted ways on Park Avenue.  He headed to the park for what promised to be an awesome run, and I walked down to the Whitney.

I arrived just in time for a tour of the Artschwager exhibit, which was ideal because I am not especially familar with his work, and I am always happy to learn something new.  I had been excited about this exhibit since reading about it in the Fall Preview issue of New York Magazine.  The more I learned on the tour, the more intrigued I was.  You see, Artschwager had some pretty interesting ideas about art. 

First, he believed that art should be useless.  This appealed to the copyright lawyer in me, because under U.S. Copyright Law, useful articles are not protectable.  Thus, his definition of art would make his art automatically protectable (presuming it met all other requirements, such as originality).

Second, he sought to make sculpture for the eye and painting for the touch.  This resulted in the creation of such dubious items as Description of a Table, a cube in the image of a table covered with a table cloth, and the use of Formica and Celotex in his paintings.

Also, his blps can be both hard to find, and hard to ignore.

After the tour, I wandered around the rest of the museum and checked out the other temporary exhibitions; but after an hour or so, I took a long, indulgent walk up Madison Avenue.  I popped in to a few open galleries and browsed in stores like Haute Hippie and Jack Rogers, where I had no intention of spending any money.

El Profesor and I returned home around the same time and I warmed some lentil soup that I had prepared the day before.  I also made some salmon for him and brown rice toast for me to round out the meal. We ended the night and an amazing day with four or five episodes of Mad Men on Netflix.

I think that made for a pretty perfect Sunday.

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